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Threat Intelligence Project (TIP) Update!

After much waiting and anticipating, we are excited to announce that we will be releasing a client for those that wish to participate in the TIP project.

The initial release will have the option to obfuscate the IP addresses and potentially the payload, though we don't think that this really is in the spirit of things and does not afford the world the intelligence that could be derived were this data not obfuscated.

We updated our snorby

For your viewing pleasure: http://snorby.rootedyour.com

l: guest
p: guest


Pulledpork v0.2.5 - Released

A new and updated version of pulledpork is out, this version adds functionality and also addresses a number of previously reported bugs, a few simple examples:

- Improved and cleaned up code for efficiency and speed
- Do not overwrite local.rules on run
- Do not attempt to copy . and .. as rules files
- Much more...

Snort SID Information URL

To combat the recent influx of "where is the Snort SID documentation" on the Snort mailing lists, I have created the following URL that you can use to update your BASE or whatever it is that you are using to view your Snort events.

Simply use the following url in your reference config:
http://rootedyour.com/snortsid?sid=xxxxx (where xxxx is the SID number itself)
i.e. http://rootedyour.com/snortsid?sid=234

Thank you for your time,
please drive fast and take chances


Microsoft Fixes Record Number Of Vulnerabilities

It's curious... and I really don't know how good or bad it is that MS released fixes for 31 security issues in a single day.

I mean, does this speak more to their security issues, or does it speak more to their security practices and patching program?

Microsoft Fixes Record Number Of Vulnerabilities - The company's June Patch Day included 10 security bulletins to fix 31 threats in Microsoft products.

Verizon Beefs Up Handset Security

Verizon Beefs Up Handset Security - The over-the-air authentication service enables workers to securely access business networks from handsets nearly anywhere in the world.

Fail = Army Deploying Vista On Hundreds Of Thousands Of Computers

Army Deploying Vista On Hundreds Of Thousands Of Computers - The migration is driven by the better security offered in Windows Vista and Office 2007.
Found in => [Security News]

That's pretty interesting...

"The Army is in the process of migrating hundreds of thousands of computers to Windows Vista to improve Internet security and upgrade information systems."

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