Pulledpork v0.2.5 - Released

A new and updated version of pulledpork is out, this version adds functionality and also addresses a number of previously reported bugs, a few simple examples:

- Improved and cleaned up code for efficiency and speed
- Do not overwrite local.rules on run
- Do not attempt to copy . and .. as rules files
- Much more...

The primary feature that has been added allows for the capability to download rules from sites other than snort.org (VRT). Any url can be specified to download a rules tarball from, however md5 hash verification will only work when VRT or ET locations are specified. If a different location (i.e. a local redistribution point) is specified, please be sure to specify the -d (do not verify md5) option. Please see the README and pulledpork.conf files for more information on usage of new and existing options and features.

New option runtime flag:

-u Where do you want me to pull the rules tarball from
(ET, Snort.org, see pulledpork config base_url option for value ideas)

A new tarball containing all of the new features will be published today at http://code.google.com/p/pulledpork/downloads/list