How is your job network?

Avoiding the politics of the job market, I think it is interesting to note the requirement to network with professionals in order to make it in the information assurance or even information technology field. It was a recommendation from a teacher of mine to always keep up with my network of people as I may need to reach out at any time to find new people, or to potentially reach out for a new job.

The difference in information assurance is there never seems to be enough people to fill the jobs. In some cases, groups of professionals are getting together to form their own business under a different name. This keeps the employment level of information security professionals pretty stable on a growing trend that does not seem to subside. This begs the question, shouldn't companies be more secure because they are always hiring more people?

The point here is no matter if you use LinkedIn or your own personal contact list, networking is a key to acquiring and maintaining a career in information systems.

Information Assurance Job Market Soars